How It Works

We ensure that you’re able to obtain the vehicle financing you need, regardless of your credit score. We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of Canadians by building and maintaining a large network of dealer partnerships all over Canada. This enables us to seek out the best car loan options for you.

Auto Loan Prep

Pick a vehicle type. It is important to note that by selecting a certain vehicle at this stage of the process, you will not be locked into purchasing this model. However, this selection helps us find dealers that have this particular kind of vehicle in their inventory.

  • Fill out our simple secure form. No obligations or hidden fees

  • Get connected with a real agent to find you the best lender regardless of your credit history

  • Pick up your vehicle

Application Process

Next, you need to fill out our online Auto Loan Application form. You'll be asked for some basic information such as your employment, your address, and your contact details. It may be necessary to contact you directly to gather some additional information in order to move forward with your application.

Matching With The Right Dealer

After the first two stages are complete, we are then able to match your application with a certified dealer partner who is able to discuss your vehicle options and the amount that you are able to dedicate towards your monthly or bi-weekly payments.

Making It Easy For You To Find Your Next Vehicle

  • Over 350 Dealer Partners

  • Secure Online Application

  • Trusted By Canadians

  • Dedicated Team

What am I signing up for?

Am I obligated to purchase a vehicle if I apply? No, you are able to make an informed decision upon whether you would like to make a vehicle purchase.

Minimum Requirements?

Our minimum requirements are that you are the age of majority in the province that you reside in, and that you are able to register & insure a vehicle.

Down payment?

A down payment will not always be required. However, a down payment is a great way of lowering your payments and helping to pay off your vehicle faster.